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Blast From the Past! Battle of the Generations

Date: May 24, 2012
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Blast From the Past! Battle of the Generations


(Toronto, Ontario) – Team Inc. Sports & Entertainment (TISE) is hosting the 1st Annual,  "BATTLE OF THE GENERATIONS" at Jarvis C.I. on June 16th, 2012 at 5PM. Over the years Jarvis has had many premiere teams and some of the players to ever come out of Canada pass through to create many memorable tournaments and all-star games. The 2 biggest tournaments that is hosted by Jarvis includes the "Eastern Commerce Holiday Classic," and the "City TV/Jarvis Bulldogs" tournament. Also for many years, this downtown Toronto school has hosted the Toronto South Championship game used for qualifiying into OFSAA which is why hosting this event at Jarvis will create a nostalgic atmosphere for  both the players and the audience.


The event will showcase the passionate basketball talent accumulated over the years by the Eastern Commerce Alumni. Some of the participating players include Tristan Blackwood, Jermaine Anderson, Keaton Cole, Jenea Barrett, Vanessa Kabongo, Lee Anna Osei, and many others. The event will commence with a 3-point and dunk off competition, followed by the women’s alumni game and concluding with the men’s alumni game. We will be honouring the late Justin Sheppard, a former Eastern Commerce basketball player, Bob Nicholson, Eastern’s retired principal who is still very active in the Eastern basketball community, as well as Lou Sialtsis, the founder of Eastern Basketball.


TISE is proud to be running this event as we guarantee that this will be a very entertaining evening for all of our guests.


The participants for The Battle of the Generations include:

3pt Competition
Robbie Grantham - Class of ‘01
Steve Allen – Class of ‘98
Alex Hill – Class of ‘08
Kasey Morris- Class of ‘13
Rashawn Browne - Class of ‘13

Dunk off
Jerome Brown – Class of ‘09
Aaron Best – Class of ‘11
James Sylvester – Class of ‘13
Nathanial Nelson – Class of ‘12
Tevin Bailey – Class of ‘13
Gavin Pearce - Class of '13

Women's Game

Eastern Red
Shaniqua Wilson – Class of ‘08
Brittney Brown – Class of ‘09
Lindsay Wagner – Class of ‘05
Rachel Marcus – Class of ‘01
Donna Grant – Class of ‘02
Lauren Griffith – Class of ‘07
Vanessa Kabongo – Class of ‘06
Iman Hassan – Class of ‘13
Billie Grant – Class of ‘12
Kate Hill – Class of ‘15
Vaneil Simpson – Class of ‘12
Donna Cameron – Class of ‘96

Eastern Black
Quechell Barriffe – Class of ‘11
Kisha Roberts – Class of ‘01
Nathilie Castillo – Class of ‘04
LeeAnna Osei – Class of ‘08
Tammara James-Francis – Class of ‘11
Lesha Dunn – Class of ‘08
Tayla Gibb – Class of ‘13
Jenea Barrett – Class of ‘08
Oonagh Webster Class of ‘15
Khadijah Akbar – Class of ‘96
Ange Mbikay – Class of ‘08
Essence Dos Santos – Class of ‘02

Men's Game

Eastern Red
Jermaine Anderson – Class of ‘02
Learie Duncan – Class of ‘06
Chretien Lukusa – Class of ‘07
Omar Byran – Class of ‘01
Andrew Cunningham – Class of ‘06
Ola Matti – Class of ‘02
Alwanye Bigby – Class of ‘09
Keaton Cole – Class of ‘08
Jabulah Murray – Class of ‘01
Aaron Best – Class of ‘11
Alex Hill – Class of ‘08
Justin Jackson – Class of ‘14

Eastern Black
Tristan Blackwood – Class of ‘04
Collin Charles – Class of ‘96
Earl Greene – Class of ‘06
Aaron Duncan – Class of ‘03
Eliel Lukusa – Class of Class ‘12
Ronnie Williams – Class of ‘05
Kerwyn Liverpool – Class of ‘03
Tyler Murray – Class of ‘08
Brandon Sam-Hinton – Class of ‘10
Tyrone Mattison –Class of ‘05
Jerome Brown – Class of ‘09
Marvin Binney – Class of ‘09


On Saturday June 16th DO NOT miss an opportunity to see some of our top National, European, NBA, and Collegiate Players in the biggest one day event  of the summer!


Lee Anna Osei @GetRecruitedCan

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