NHL Youth Cup

The 2013 NHL Youth Cup presented by Dicks Sporting Goods. 


Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are proud to host the first annual Youth Cup which will feature 7 NHL affiliated AAA amateur hockey programs across 6 different age groups.

The weekend promises to showcase some of the best hockey talent in the country.

Proud to Host NHL Youth Cup

The Pittsburgh Penguins organization is committed to the expansion of youth hockey in Western Pennsylvania, and they’ve helped membership in the region grow by 4,395 players – a 50.7 percent increase – in an eight-year span from 2005-13, according to USA Hockey.

And the Penguins want those kids playing hockey in the area to thrive and be as competitive as possible and have done everything they can to give them opportunities to do so. This weekend, they will have a big one as the Penguins, Penguins Elite youth hockey program and the National Hockey League (NHL) will host the inaugural NHL Youth Cup from Nov. 1-3.

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