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Flyer for Mid- Am Camp in July.

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Buffalo World championships Gold Metal game

Congratulations Sam! USA Won 3-0.

Summer Sled Hockey Schedule.

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    Customer Schedule    6/1/2015 - 9/1/2015

    Ohio Sled Hockey                    Dur.

Date    Day    Complex    Facility    Event Type    Start Time    End Time    

6/7/2015    Sun    Dublin    Dublin 1    Hockey    12:00 PM    1:00 PM    60

    Stick & Puck

6/14/2015    Sun    Dublin    Dublin 1    Hockey    12:50 PM    1:50 PM    60

    Stick & Puck

6/20/2015    Sat    Dublin    Dublin 1    Hockey    12:00 PM    1:00 PM    60

    Stick & Puck

6/27/2015    Sat    Dublin    Dublin 1    Hockey    12:00 PM    1:00 PM    60

    Stick & Puck

7/11/2015    Sat    Dublin    Dublin 1    Hockey    12:00 PM    1:00 PM    60

    Stick & Puck

7/18/2015    Sat    Dublin    Dublin 1    Hockey    12:00 PM    1:00 PM    60

    Stick & Puck

7/25/2015    Sat    Dublin    Dublin 1    Hockey    12:00 PM    1:00 PM    60

    Stick & Puck

8/1/2015    Sat    Dublin    Dublin 1    Hockey    12:00 PM    1:00 PM    60

    Stick & Puck

8/8/2015    Sat    Dublin    Dublin 1    Hockey    12:00 PM    1:00 PM    60

    Stick & Puck

8/16/2015    Sun    Dublin    Dublin 2    Hockey    11:00 AM    12:00 PM    60

    Stick & Puck

8/22/2015    Sat    Dublin    Dublin 1    Hockey    12:00 PM    1:00 PM    60

    Stick & Puck

8/29/2015    Sat    Dublin    Dublin 1    Hockey    12:00 PM    1:00 PM    60

    Stick & Puck

    12.0    (hrs)


USA group photo at the World Championships in Buffalo.

To Cheer on  our teammate Morgan Hosbrough on  the USA  Women's   team  she plays today  at 2:00 pm. 

Go Morgan !

To Cheer on  our teammate Morgan Hosbrough  and the USA Women's Team  

Here is the schedule/Results

Friday May 1st 4-3 win in overtime. 

Saturday 2pm. 

Go Morgan! 

Sam Mumper scores his First Goal as a National Player on The USA Team.

Congratulations Sam Mumper on his first goal as a member of the USA Team!

Go Sam!

USA Developmental Team Schedule

To  cheer on our teammates AJ, Erik, and David here is the schedule. 

Thursday, - 1:30 p.m. - April 30th. 
Friday - 11:00 a.m. - May 1st.
Saturday - 4:00 p.m. - May 2nd.

World Sled Hockey Championships Schedule.

This is the schedule for the World Sled Hockey Championships  Go Sam Mumper. 

April 26th at 8 pm. Win 6-1. 
April 27th 8 pm.  Win 7-0 (Sam Mumper scores a goal),
April 29th 2pm. 7-0  Win. 

May 1st Semifinals  Win 6-0 

Gold metal game at 8 pm  on Sunday.


Sled Hockey Jamboree in Voorhees, NJ.

Registration form for Sled Jamboree in Voorhees, NJ

Disabled Festival Youth Recap

Congratulations  to the Ohio Blades  on  finishing 3rd in their division.

Disabled Festival Recap

Congratulations to Ohio United they placed second in the Adult Division A.

With the 2nd place banner.

Sam Mumper represents Ohio Sled Hockey in the World Sled Hockey Classic.

Ohio United wins the 2014-2015 MAGL championship.

Congraulations to the Ohio Blades  for their Third Place  finish  in Grand Rapids!

The 2015 Bob Chase Frostbite Champions Ohio United Sled Hockey.

Congratulations to all the Ohio teams who played  in Grand Rapids.


Newspaper article on NorthWest's Ohio's Sled Hockey Team

 Article on the Northwest Ohio Sled Hockey Team.




Congratulations  to Kelly Fenster for being nominated 

 Marzetti Youth Hockey Mom!


Sam Mumper makes the USA National Men's Sled Hockey Team.

Ohio Sled Hockey player Sam Mumper makes the USA National Team.

Congradulations Sam!


NHL Sled Classic in Pittsburgh, PA

Sled hockey in Ohio sees gradual growth

To read the entire Columbus Dispatch article click on the image above.

Barbara J. Perenic | Dispatch photo

People with disabilities savor chance to compete

Ohio Blades coach Mike Fenster talks to his team. He and his wife Kelly Fenster learned about sled hockey in 2001. Now, Mr. Fenster coaches; his wife is the general manager; and Michael, 14, plays.

Ohio Blades goal against GR Sled Hockey

Ohio Blades Score against Grand Rapids

The Ohio Blades - Fort Wayne - 2011

Each day's a gift.. not a given right

Ohio tournament schedule

    There are no scheduled events.